Both Auth and AutoCapture API Endpoints are used to initiate a customer's application, authorize a PayBright transaction and Capture the transaction (AutoCapture only).


Response for both Auth and AutoCapture APIs is sent to the x_url_complete and x_url_callback passed in the API requests by Merchant.


Only difference between Response of Auth and AutoCapture APIs is the presence of x_transaction_type field in the response to Auth API. All other response fields are identical

x_account_idunicode stringYesZ9s7Yt0TxsqbbxEcho request’s x_account_id
x_referenceascii stringYes197831Echo request’s x_reference
x_currencyiso-4217YesCADEcho request’s x_currency
x_testtrue/falseYestrueEcho request’s x_test
x_amountdecimalYes89.99Echo request’s x_amount
x_gateway_referenceunicode stringYes123Unique reference for the authorization issued by the payment processor.
x_timestampiso-8601 in UTCYes2014-03-24T12:15:41ZTime of transaction completion. UTC Time: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ
x_transaction_typestringYes for Auth and No for AutoCaptureauthorizationAuthorization only for Auth API. Field is not returned for AutoCapture API
x_resultfixed choiceYescompletedValid values are completed, pending or failed
x_signatuehex string, case-insensitiveYes49d3166063b4d881b50af0b4648c1244bfa9890a53ed6bce6d2386404b610777See Signing Mechanism
x_messageascii stringNoBilling address could not be verified.A custom error message displayed to the customer.
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