API Keys

Manage your API Keys to authenticate requests with PayBright

PayBright authenticates your requests using your account's API Keys. If you do not include your key when making an API request or use one that is incorrect, PayBright returns an error.

To make the APIs as explorable as possible, each account separate Test mode and Production/Live mode API keys.

Retrieve your API Keys

Contact PayBright Team to retrieve your API Keys for both Sandbox and Production environments. Use only your sandbox API keys for testing and development. This ensures that you don't accidentally modify your live changes.

Sandbox and Production Environments

The test and production environments function identically with the only difference being that the requests made with Test mode credentials never hit the Bureau or Banking networks.


PayBright URLs

Sandbox: https://sandbox.paybright.com
Live: https://app.paybright.com

What's Next

Check Out Signing Mechanism to learn how to calculate signature using your API Key