POS Messaging Best Practices

An overview of how to market PayBright at your point of sale

In this section, we walk you through the customer purchase journey touch points related to point of sale.* We show you how to optimize PayBright at important stages of the customer journey.

Home/Landing Page

Let your customers know they can buy now, and pay later with PayBright. Your customers will be more likely to continue shopping if they know that they can pay in simple installments.

Customers who are aware of installment payment promotions at the beginning of their shopping journey are more likely to complete purchases with higher average order values.

By placing PayBright banners and footers strategically throughout your landing page, customers are more likely to explore it as a payment option, discovering it as they scroll down.

Bright Ideas

  • Place PayBright banners at the top of your website’s homepage.
  • Place PayBright footers at the bottom of every page to ensure your customers see them.
  • Use dynamic banners hosted by PayBright, or create your own that fit within your website.

PayBright Information Page

Answer any and all questions your customers have about how PayBright’s payment plans work, and how to get in touch with us.

Answer customer payment plan questions before they arise. Customers that have questions about
PayBright will be more likely to complete a purchase if they know exactly how PayBright’s approval process and installment payments work.

Help equip your customers with that knowledge by creating a standalone PayBright information page that answers their burning questions, and builds trust in the installment payment option.

Bright Ideas
Tell your customers more about PayBright with a dedicated information page that explains everything a customer needs to know. This page can also tell customers how they can expect to interact with
PayBright after they make a purchase.

For comprehensive PayBright information page templates, please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for our Marketing Guide.

To build this standalone page, gather and use all this pertinent information from our FAQ page:

If you do not have the resources to make your own standalone page, please feel free to link to:

In-Store Point of Sale Best Practices

In your physical store, make the PayBright payment option loud and clear from the minute a customer enters your store, to the moment they reach the checkout counter.

A big help here is offering physical marketing pieces to promote PayBright in your bricks-and-mortar store. Reach out to our Merchant Success Team and they can provide you with:

  • Window decals for your store front (i.e. "Now accepting Paybright)
  • Tent cards
  • Pamphlets
  • Welcome Cards
    and more!

*If you are a merchant in Quebec, please contact Merchant Success for additional support on Quebec-compliant graphics and content.