VCN Settlement APIs


Virtual Card Transactions, or VCN, is an alternative to PayBright’s standard ecommerce integration. The VCN Settlement Product allows merchants to settle funds with PayBright like they would through a regular card transaction; this means VCN requires no additional integration steps for order management. This should allow for a similar reconciliation process as the merchant is used today, reducing training, cost, and overall changes to the merchant’s current process and procedures.

The VCN solution is supported through Marqeta. Merchants use the Virtual Card, issued as part of the loan process, to process the transactions against their current payment processing solution. This will allow the settlement flow to follow their current payment processing solutions.

Virtual Card API

Virtual Card is used for order management, including Capture, Refund and Void of a VCN transaction. The information pulled from the GET Virtual Card API provides merchants with Virtual Card details when they provide an OrderNumber.

Virtual Card API is to be used once a customer successfully completes an application using the Auth or AutoCapture API