InStore VCN Flow

Using the VCN settlement product as part of your instore integration can streamline your order management process. It can be run with the In Store APIs v1 or In Store APIs v2.

InStore Flow

  1. The customer requests PayBright at checkout with an associate. The associate selects PayBright using their POS device, and enters the amount, the customers name, phone number, email (optional), a reference number (optional).

  2. The customer receives a link to go to the checkout flow. Once completed they let the associate know and the associate checks the status of the contract.

  3. If complete, PB requests Marqeta to create a Virtual Visa Card specifically for this contract.

  4. On the backend, the merchant requests the virtual card details from PB in order to start processing this transaction.
    - Merchant may store this card information in their system or
    - Call on the GET Virtual Card API whenever actions are needed to be done on the contract

  5. Merchant gets paid by processing a capture on the Virtual Card through their existing credit card payment system. If customer comes back for a return the associate can also process a refund on the card and return funds to PB.

  6. Marqeta notifies PB of any transaction event on the Virtual Card, and PB captures/adjusts the contract as needed