Master Report

Running a Master Report

Master Report can be used to fetch all applications, transactions, and payments for a specified date range. Master report provide details like Customer Name, Agreement Number, Purchase Amount, Payment Status, Payment Date, Transaction date within a time period specified in the Response Body of the Master Report API.


Tip: Master Report can also be downloaded from the PayBright portal as xlsx or csv file.

To run a master report, you will need to create the signature using the API Key and API Token shared with you by the PayBright team.


curl --location --request POST ''
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data-raw '{
"x_account_id": "Z9s7Yt0Txsqbbx",
"x_test": "true",
"x_transaction_type": "reports",
"x_url_callback": "",
"x_signature": "3a59e201a9b8692702b8c41dcba476d4a46e5f5c",
"x_datefrom": "07/01/2020",
"x_reportname": "master"

PayBright will send a response of Master Report API call as a POST request to x_url_callback and also to the initial request. You should receive a response that looks like this:

Testhet","x_customer_address":"22, Viewcrest, Etobicoke, ON,
Testhet","x_customer_address":"22, Viewcrest Cir, , Etobicoke, ON,

The following data will be returned for the Master Reports:

CustomerKeyUnique number identifying the customer within a given merchant
ApplicationKeyUnique number identifying the customer's loan application
AgreementNoUnique number identifying the loan agreement between the customer and PayBright
CustomerNameFull name of the customer
CustomerAddressFull address of the customer
CustomerEmailEmail address of the customer
AvailableCreditLimitTotal amount approved to loan a given customer
CreditLimitExpiryExpiry date for the approved loan amount
TransactionDateDate of customer transaction
PurchaseAmountAmount of the purchased products/services by the customer
MerchantAmountAmount that will be paid to the merchant, this is the PurcahseAmount minus any fees (admin, refund, or credit card)
AdminFeeFee charged to merchant to process a transaction
RefundFeeFee charged to merchant to process a customer refund
FeeToMerchantSum of any Admin and Refund fees charges to the merchant (excludes credit card fees)
FeeToMerchantPerFee charged to merchant to process a transaction expressed as a percentage of the customer's purchase (PurchaseAmount)
CreditCardFeeToMerchantFee charged to merchant for credit card purchases
CreditCardFeeToMerchantPerFee charged to merchant for credit card purchases expressed as a percentage of the customer's purchase (PurchaseAmount)
InterestRateInterest rate to be charged to the customer
MonthsOriginal duration of the customer loan
MonthsRemainingNumber of months remaining in the customer's loan agreement
OutstandingBalanceAmount of the loan that the customer still needs to pay
StatusState of a given payment, can be either Complete or Pending
PaymentDateExpected or actual date of the settlement of payment between PayBright and the merchant
DescripSystem generated messaged describing payment transaction
TotalDollarsFinancedTotal amount of loan provided to customer from PayBright (Note: this value will be the same to PurchaseAmount for purchase entries but will reflect the original purchase amount for refund and fee entries)
TotalDollarsPaidbyCustomerAmount of PayBright loan already paid by the customer
ReferenceUnique number identifying an order assigned by the merchant
InvoiceUnique number identifying the invoice of purchased products/service the customer receives from the merchant system
DescriptionFree text field where merchant users can include a message
FunderIdentified entity providing the loan to the customer (e.g. PayBright or GoEasy)

Please check the API Reference for more Master API details.