Instore (Order Status using PayBrightReference)


This API call provides status of a PayBright Order. You will need to use the PayBrightReference code returned as a response to SMS plus Email API to get the status.

If you get a status of "1" as a response to the API, it means that the customer was approved by PayBright and you can complete the purchase. If you receive status of "0" this means that the customer was either not approved or they have not completed the application process yet

Fetching the Order Status

Our In Store APIs use Basic Authorization, You can use create the Authorization Key using the API Key and Token shared with you by PayBright.


Security Token

Authorization Key will be a Base 64 encoding of APIKey:APIToken string e.g.

If API Key == txtzmjUfVsfEctvnBCjW and API Token == fd5jyxjSLLNwFPZTCfko
Then the formatting will be txtzmjUfVsfEctvnBCjW:fd5jyxjSLLNwFPZTCfko

Use for testing the Base64 encoding you create

In this example, this will result in the Key being:

Body of this API is optional as you can pass in the PayBrightReference in the URL as well.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic V1J5blRBOXNYc0tIRHFnYkljdQUk5USjhFRHVVNjRaQ1I3VkRnZMNVZOdkJuanpPMnQ0Skw2dTk2RHFZak9hU0c=' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"OrderReference":"SO-73084386","PayBrightReference":"4e6d9f5f-8c99-4170-aa7c-8463a7715339"}'

You should receive a response containing final status of a customer application as shown below. Status == 1 means that the customer was approved and you can complete the transaction:

    "GatewayReference": "44917",
    "PayBrightReference": "27b1e747-ff5e-442a-b35c-007b1c77ab28",
    "Status": "1"