This document will go over the technical instructions for using the PayBright SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) Cartridge to integrate a PayBright payment method into a SFCC storefront.

Component Overview

Functional Overview
The PayBright cartridge enables users to use the PayBright payment method.

Limitations and Constraints
Use of the PayBright cartridge requires credentials and keys from PayBright. Please contact PayBright Merchant Success Onboarding team ([email protected]). The cartridge is designed for the US locale but can work for other locales.

The cartridge is designed for Salesforce Commerce Cloud API version 20.6 (Compatibility Mode 19.10) with SFRA version 5.0.1 (compatible with SFRA version 4.4.1).

Privacy, Payment
The cartridge can collect user's profile or billing information. For additional info please contact your PayBright Account Manager.

Implementation Guide

Set up of Business Manger

1. Importing Cartridges

  1. Download the cartridge source code
  2. Establish a new digital server connection with your SFCC instance
  3. Import cartridges to a workspace in Salesforce UX Studio
  1. Add cartridges to Protect Reference of Server Connection
  1. Wait until Studio completes workspace build and uploads source codes to the sandbox

2. Assigning cartridges to the site

  1. Go to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Select your site from the list of 'Storefront Sites'.
  1. Select the Settings tab. In the beginning of the cartridge path add the following:

3. Import of metadata

Go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export. Upload from metadata folder


Select and finish the import process.


4. Custom Site Preferences

After import is successfully done, you should see the Site Preferences in BM > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences


Select PayBright and you should see the fields for a cartridge setup.

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The following are descriptions of these fields:

Field TitleDescription
Enable PayBrightTurns on/off PayBright integration
API KeyAPI Keys for authorization service
Client APITokenSecret Key for API calls
URL for PayBrightURL for PayBright services
Enable PayBright Test ModeEnable or disable PayBright test mode
URL for sandboxURL for PayBright sandbox service
Checkout or Checkout with Auth + captureSwitching between possible payment actions
URL for Refund CallURL for PayBright service
URL for Capture CallURL for PayBright service
Agent User Loginagent login for remote work with basket. This should be a user with Login_Agent or Login_On_Behalf permissions. You can find User Role permissions in Administration > Organization > Roles > Administrator - Functional Permissions in Business Manager. (When you create this user don't forget to activate it by logging in into BM)
Agent User PasswordPassword for account connected to Agent User Login.
Codes for allowed countriesPayBright payment method is allowed only if customer uses one of the defined countries for shipping or billing (eg. CA, US)
Codes for allowed currenciesPayBright payment method is allowed only for defined currencies (eg. CAN, USD)